Deinonychus was the first of the raptors (technically called "dromaeosaurs") to be known from a nearly complete skeleton. Velociraptor had been discovered forty years earlier but was known only from a skull and a few bones of its hands and feet.

The skeleton of Deinonychus were first to show the now infamous sickle-shaped retractable foot claw (8 inch), used for ripping open the guts of its prey. Deinonychus also had a nasty bite, with over 60 knife-like teeth.

Dr. John Ostrom discovered Deinonychus in 1964. Dr. Ostrom believed that this dinosaur was an agile, swift predator, more like a warm-blooded mammal or bird than a cold-blooded crocodile.


Deinonychus is briefly seen on the Holoscape screen in the Innovation Center of Jurassic World, though it is currently unknown if any reside within the park itself. In 2018 the population of Deinonychus fall back to extinction on Isla Nublar. However the briefcase that contains all dinosaur embryos as well as the eggs from the lab which means that it will be recloned in Jurassic World 3.

Production and developmentEdit

The Velociraptor from the film canon is based upon Deinonychus because in the novels and at the time, Deinonychus is also synonymous with Velociraptor.