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You talk Edit

"Why do you smell so weird?" Claire wasn't able to stop her jaw going slack, or stopping her eyes from going wide. Owen, Zach and Gray seemed baffled in the same way Claire was, albeit somehow more so. Echo was standing over the fallen redhead, curiously raising what would have been an eyebrow. Delta, Blue and Charlie stood behind their sister, seemingly just as curious. Finally Echo stepped back slightly, and made a sound resembling a person snickering. "Uh, you're drooling Miss." she was still shocked "you''re talking!". "Duh!" Delta chirped from the back, and Blue slapped her for the rude remark. "WHAT?!" Owen practically shrieked. "Well, it might be parrot DNA. I dunno." said Echo. "But I've watched every security camera on you for months!" Owen said. " We're smarter than you think." said Blue. "way smarter." agreed Charlie. "how smart?" asked Gray. Claire was helped up by Blue and Charlie, who actually produced friendly grins. "Smart enough to figure out that it was Claire who ate the sugar cookies Owen brought from Walmart/Kmart." Delta said. "you ATE them?!" Owen glares at his girlfriend. "yeah" Echo says. "well, we would better put some bandages on the horrible wounds you guys suffered during the battle the Indominus rex." Blue says. "yeah" the others agree. Zach shook his head, too shocked to speak. it was baffling.